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Start a Party Store Today, for as little as $77,900: A Business Opportunity without Franchise Restrictions

Party Stores are busy year round. Holidays, birthdays, graduations, and plenty of other special moments call for a trip to the party store for lots of low-cost, high-quality merchandise. Selling party supplies isn’t just fun, it’s profitable – party supplies are a $10 billion+ market and party stores fill a niche that big box retailers don’t focus on satisfying.

Have questions about starting your own Party Store? Party Store Developers and our parent company, Discount Retail Store Services, are Americas Largest Independent Turn Key Business Developers. We have opened over 4,000 independent small businesses for our customers since 1995. Receive a free information kit containing detailed information on our business opportunities, and the differences between owning your own turn key Party Store and a franchise. Learn where to secure financing, investment options, the best locations in your regional market, and other important information related to franchising and business ownership.

Business Opportunity Package

Receive a Free Business Starter Package

Receive business investment information containing information on:

  • How much do I need to invest, and how can I finance a Party Store?
  • Franchise Opportunities
  • The Best Small Business Opportunity Trends
  • How do I open a Party Store?
  • How do I find a location?
  • How can I effectively market my new business?

*Free Internet Marketing Guide For Local Small Businesses Included(Google Maps, Yelp, Online Reviews)

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**Referrals to speak to existing store owners are welcome but must be scheduled in advance for our store owners privacy. The informational package also contains video interviews and referrals from store owners and additional store photos from hundreds of our stores.

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Our Party Stores give you the look and feel of a large franchise, while leaving you with total control of your own business. Party Store Developers does not charge royalty fees, or restrict your business like other franchise opportunities. Our turn key businesses deliver a fully stocked and ready to open store with the life time support of Party Store Developers and Discount Retail Store Services.

Party Stores

Everything You Need to open a business is included.

  • You can secure business financing. We’ll show you how. Not sure you qualify? There’s no risk to find out.
  • You can find the perfect site in your area. We have the data.
  • You can sign a beneficial lease. We have the negotiation experience.
  • You can build a beautiful store. We have the creativity and manpower.
  • You can sell high-margin merchandise. We have the supplier network.
  • You can get business training. We have the instructors.
  • You can receive on-going support. At no cost. As long as your store exists.

Why should I open an independent business and not a franchise?

  • Franchise Fees can be a large percentage of an initial investment.
  • Franchises require you to sign a restrictive contract with many restrictions.
  • Franchises demand a royalty on your revenue before you even make a profit.
  • You are not the boss with a franchise, the franchise dictates how you do business.
  • A Turn Key Store from Party Store Developers provides all the support of the franchise with none of the above restrictions or additional costs.