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Our pledge is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, provide superior value and long term support while maintaining the highest ethical standards.The company recognizes that the professionalism and dedication of each staff member are keys to the clients’ success.

Discount Party Store Developers

Party store developers is part of a larger network of business development services. Because our resources and expertise is shared this gives our Party store owners a tremendous network of support and options when opening their business and even lower costs on merchandise as we negotiate merchandise contracts with our large buying power.

A Legacy in The Retail Store Industry

James Wichert, owner and president of Discount Party Store Developers started in the industry in 1993 when he opened his first Retail store in Nevada. Shortly thereafter, he began to receive inquiries from customers and tourists about assisting them in opening stores throughout the United States. This became the beginning of the store development operations. The store development business has steadily grown since. Mr. Wichert has assisted over 4,000 individuals open stores throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

Strong Growth

Today, the company continues to grow at a fast pace. In 2012, Mr. Wichert projected opening 200 Retail Stores every year throughout North America and this feat requires dedication and knowledge by all involved. Mr. Wichert is very pleased that the store owners are able to rely on his staff of experienced professionals. “The staff’s superior dedication is at the heart of Discount Party Store Developers’s success,” states Mr. Wichert.

A History of Wholesale

Mr. Wichert also owns a large wholesale company which supplies over 18,000 products to its customers. The key feature of the wholesale company is that products made available to our network of stores has been hand selected by our wholesale experts. According to Mr. Wichert, “Buying product through the Internet or from catalogs is the same as buying sight unseen. How can anyone possibly negotiate the correct price of a product without seeing and touching it to determine both quality and value?”

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Executive Leadership

James Wichert


James Wichert has over 20 years of retail development industry experience and leads the company's growth and innovative strategies. Throughout his career, James has combined foresight and insight to develop unique, turn-key store ownership opportunities for clients in over 4,000 Dollar, Party, Mailbox, Teen, Fitness Centers, Clothing, and Yogurt stores worldwide.

J.D. Gray

Vice President

J.D. Gray has over 25 years of retail management and leadership which he brings to our company. His experience and dedicated background in client service, employee development, and operational execution is invaluable to the organization and our valued clients.

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Concept Managers

John LaFronz

General Manager of Dollar Store Services

Garrett Bauman

GM Discount Clothing Store Developers, Mail Box Stores Inc.

Business Managers

David Rashidi

Director of Information Technology

Cayman Wong