Larger companies and retail chains have been using customer engaging methods in the last few years. Most small businesses have strayed from doing so due to the costs involved. But as recently reported, there are affordable, easy, and must do ways for small business owners to collect marketing data about their customers and use it to keep them returning.

To begin with, starting a rewards program that is fast and free for your customers to sign up with. In just a few minutes at the checkout, you can offer them a free rewards program that informs them of all upcoming specials, and a small one time discount each time they spend an amount you've determined to keep them returning and thanking them for their loyalty. Programming your register with a rewards system is a one-time investment that generates continuous return. All customers need to do is provide their name and email and you've now been given a way to reach out to them and reward their patronage.

A second way to engage customers is to provide your business website with a link to a customer service questionnaire on the back of their receipt. Ask them at checkout to kindly take a few minutes to answer a short survey, point out the website link printed on the back of their receipt, let them know you're interested in reading their opinions about their shopping experience. Make the questions useful to you to improve on any areas customers are looking for. For example, how helpful were your employees, rate their shopping experience, ease of finding merchandise, and are there other items they would like to see in your business that they would return to purchase.

Improving your small business without knowing what your customers want is extremely difficult and the more you care about their wants and needs, the more they feel inclined to continue doing business with you.

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