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Professional Trainers

Professional Trainers and Industry Experts Prepare You For Success!

Our objective is to fully educate and train the new owner in virtually all aspects of operating a Party Store. Training begins well before, and continues, well after the opening of the store. You will be assigned a trainer who will be in contact with you from our corporate offices. Your training includes a comprehensive operations manual and other materials to ensure that you have a solid understanding of operating the store on a day-to-day basis. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to attend our classroom-training course conducted at our Corporate Headquarters prior to the actual opening of the store.

Training Topics Include

  • Store Build Out and Preparation
  • Cash Management
  • Hours of Operation
  • Inventory Order and Control Merchandise Ordering
  • Merchandising
  • Store security
  • Employee Handbook

Ongoing Training

Because there is a wealth of information to be discussed and digested, our training team is in contact with the store owner on a very regular basis prior to opening and then on a daily basis after the store is operational. At the end of the first 30 days of business, our Company performs a formal review of your new store. You submit a video of the entire store – this video is reviewed in conjunction with the daily sales, purchasing log and advertising history. Our Senior Management Staff handles the 30-day review in the spirit of making sure the new owner is perfectly trained and headed in the right direction. Professional, fast and friendly service is what you receive at Discount Party Store Developers, Inc. and all at a very affordable price.

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Customer Testimonials

Without the Real Estate department it would have cost me thousands of dollars over the course of the lease! They thought of things I never through of and saved us a lot of money! — Party Palooza

The store is unbelievable. 5 days ago it was a "big empty" and now it is full of inventory, color and life. — Party Palooza

I would really recommend that people go with Discount Party Store Developers and get the same results as we did rather than trying to open a party store on their own. — Party Store Owner

Financing was the biggest hurdle and without that our dream was dead. This is a big relief standing in our own store now and it feels really good and we couldn't have done it without the finance department at Discount Party Store Developers. — Monkey Business Party and Gifts