Site Location and Leasing

Finding the Perfect Party Store Location

Site Location Department

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We Have an In-House Site Location Department that will Eliminate the Guess Work and Assist You in finding Your Perfect Party Store Location!
Our professional team of 7 full time site location experts will work with you to determine the right location with the most profit potential for your Party Store. The proper location for a Party store along with acquiring the best lease terms is critical to the success of your store and our Real Estate team guarantees that you will have both.

In the party store business busy traffic areas and heavy consumer foot traffic are both critical. For example, in a large metropolitan area the Party Store should be located in a shopping center preferably with an anchor that will generate sufficient traffic. Conversely, in a small community a main street location can work very well.

We Negotiate the Lease On Your Behalf

Our staff of 7 professional lease negotiators will put their extensive knowledge and many years of experience to work on your behalf ensuring the terms of your commercial lease are maximized to your benefit.

Discount Party Store Developers has an in-house professional staff of 7 Leasing Managers with over a century of combined experience in professional commercial lease negotiation. They have established relationships with Leasing Agents, brokers and Landlords, giving you the preferential treatment and quick results you want when you are developing your own Party Store. With our system you will start your Party Store with a preferred standing at your location right away. Our leasing managers have each negotiated hundreds of commercial leases and constantly work with landlords to secure provisions such as free rent, site improvements and kick-out-clauses which protect you against an anchor tenant leaving your area to name a few.

How Does The Entire Process Work Together?

  • When the Site Location Specialist working on your behalf finds a location of interest they perform a comprehensive demographic analysis, traffic count studies and competitor analysis.
  • That information is given to the Director of Real Estate for review and  approval.
  • Upon approval, the Leasing Manager responsible for your store project will discuss the attributes of the Party Store site with you.
  • On your approval of the store site, the Leasing Manager will then negotiate the lease on the your behalf.
  • On your approval of the terms and conditions of the commercial lease agreement, you would sign the lease and very shortly thereafter your Party Store will be open for business!
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Open Your Own Store With No Franchise Restrictions
Customer Testimonials

The store is unbelievable. 5 days ago it was a "big empty" and now it is full of inventory, color and life. — Party Palooza

Financing was the biggest hurdle and without that our dream was dead. This is a big relief standing in our own store now and it feels really good and we couldn't have done it without the finance department at Discount Party Store Developers. — Monkey Business Party and Gifts

I would really recommend that people go with Discount Party Store Developers and get the same results as we did rather than trying to open a party store on their own. — Party Store Owner

Without the Real Estate department it would have cost me thousands of dollars over the course of the lease! They thought of things I never through of and saved us a lot of money! — Party Palooza