Off-Site Owners

Own Your Business With Peace Of Mind

A Dollar Store owner makes his first dollar. Many of our client’s are off site owners that are either retired or own other businesses. We understand these people want to own a business that has a proven system and which is simple to run, has good controls in place and offers a good potential rate of return. Our program has these key elements in place that allows off-site store owners to remotely manage their party store business.

First, the off-site owner must make sure the store always looks well stocked and organized. To accomplish this we provide a security camera system. This allows the owner a real-time look at the overall presentation of their investment – their store. This camera system also controls theft by employees and customers by having the camera placed in strategic locations around the store including directly above the cash counter. The recording is saved for 30 days on a server and of course you have the ability to watch the store in real time on your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world that has cell or internet connections.

Support Every Step of the Way

Next, the merchandise that your manager orders is hand selected by our staff of buyers so the owner has total comfort in knowing the quality, value and packaging is at the highest level available to our industry. This takes the guess work out of the ordering process. You don’t have to worry about your manager ordering junk that will sit on the shelves because they bought sight unseen through catalogs or over the internet. Our staff of in-house customer service representatives are available each and every day to help your manager with merchandise ordering. We are happy to double check the orders your managers plan on placing to make sure the merchandise desired is being ordered from the correct supplier ensuring the product cost including freight is at the lowest possible level. Because NEW MERCHANDISE is one of the critical drivers to success we of course will work with your manager to make sure your store is receiving only the best selling new merchandise.


We will provide you with control reports to assure your money is being spent wisely. Forms that control payroll which assure excess money is not being spent on payroll is provided. Forms that track the average cost of merchandise that is being purchased are included. Being in the “sweet spot” with the average cost of goods purchased will assure that the proper mix of consumables, dry goods and novelty items are being purchased.  As an example, if the average cost is too low it indicates that insufficient amounts of more expensive consumables are being purchased which will ultimately hurt your business sales levels.  Our staff can monitor all of this for you, and at no additional cost.

Training managers is another critical component to the long term success of any business. We are happy to train all managers including managers that you might hire in the future for no additional cost.

Seeing the retail space of the store, controlling theft, merchandise ordering, controlling critical costs and ongoing training are accomplished by following our system.  Our program is designed to give the off-site business owner a simple and efficient way of managing their business while they focus on other business or personal opportunities.

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Open Your Own Store With No Franchise Restrictions
Customer Testimonials

The store is unbelievable. 5 days ago it was a "big empty" and now it is full of inventory, color and life. — Party Palooza

Without the Real Estate department it would have cost me thousands of dollars over the course of the lease! They thought of things I never through of and saved us a lot of money! — Party Palooza

Financing was the biggest hurdle and without that our dream was dead. This is a big relief standing in our own store now and it feels really good and we couldn't have done it without the finance department at Discount Party Store Developers. — Monkey Business Party and Gifts

I would really recommend that people go with Discount Party Store Developers and get the same results as we did rather than trying to open a party store on their own. — Party Store Owner