Building Out Your Store

Discount Party Store Developers offers a complete store development package which includes sending our staff out to build your store.  Once you have received the keys to your space, and is ready for occupancy, and we have received your final payment, your store will be open within 30 days.  Once your lease is signed, the Discount Party Store Developers’ Operations Manager, Sean Maddock, will be in constant contact with you. Together, you will coordinate the pre-build-out process, ensuring that all permits and licenses required have been addressed, and follow through with landlords and contractors to make sure that the store space is ready as quickly as possible. Members of the Operations Staff will work with you on the sourcing and design of your exterior signage, and later will coordinate the timely arrival of your opening orders, merchandise, equipment, and supplies.

Experienced Build-Out Supervisors

Once the store space is ready, we send to the store site one of our Build-out Supervisors who will coordinate the build-out crew in the assembly and installation of fixtures, equipment and the stocking of all merchandise.  You are encouraged to be available during the build-out process, as the Build-out Supervisor will be demonstrating how to use the POS System, equipment and stocking techniques.  On the last day of the build-out, the store is ready to open. Be sure to watch this great video showing how real Party Store owners react to the quality and appearance of their new Party Stores.  Discount Retail Store Services, the parent company of Discount Party Store Developers builds on average 220 retail stores every year which is incredible.  Our 6 build-out supervisors are all full time in-house employees.  Each Build-Out supervisor builds an average of 40 stores every year for our clients.  A lot goes into building a party store – which includes a check list of 75 points that must be covered to open a store.  We take care of every detail on your behalf.  In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger until we hand you the keys which is a major difference between Discount Party Store Developers and virtually every other method of starting your own party store.

Build Out Process

What Goes Into Building A Turn-Key Party Store?
Party Store Layout

We create the finest Party Stores which always make an impressive presentation to your customers. The store fixtures Discount Party Store Developers utilizes create a beautiful presentation for the merchandise and services. We supply and install all the equipment, fixtures and  counters your store needs to succeed.


The logistics involved for a new store owner to order, track and receive all shipments of merchandise and fixtures and have them all arrive at the same time is daunting to say the least.


This is especially problematic for a new store owner as without our help they would then be responsible for unloading one or even two semi trucks full of merchandise and fixtures themselves.  What happens if a counter falls off the back of the truck and is broken in this situation?  Without a service based company such as Discount Party Store Developers taking the lead the owner (you) would be 100% responsible for replacing an expensive counter in that case.  This can be costly as well as cause significant delays in the store’s opening date.

Build Out Time Line

Store is Ready to Open for Business in 5-6 days.

We handle the entire process. We track and make sure the truck is on time, we unload the truck when it arrives and we assemble all store fixtures, signage, and unpack and stock all the merchandise. When the store has been completed the build-out supervisor will then completely review all store operations with you ensuring that when you open your store you are totally prepared and ready to open for business.


At Discount Party Store Developers, our professional Build-out supervisors follow the training system we have developed over the last 2 decades when they perform the training review with you. Each owner’s training review performed by the Build-out supervisor is precisely the same which gives you the best chance for success.

Build Out Process Stories

Don’t take our word for it! Hear what store owners are saying about how their store looks and the quality of fixtures, signage and displays. We go to great lengths to create the best retail environment possible for store owners. The comments that are made about the build-out process of the stores we build and the overall look and quality of the equipment, fixtures and signage speak for themselves. Let our system work for you and call us today – we are ready to build your Party Store!

Building Materials

Store Construction

We use slat board with melamine finish on all interior sales retail walls. We do not supply flooring but when it is needed the landlord will generally provide it at no cost. The fixtures for your Party Store are especially designed for a Party Store. Discount Party Store Developers also provides all interior store signs. When you are looking to open your Party Store you want a finished look, a professional retail appearance and a friendly place for your customers to frequent. With Discount Party Store Developers you get all that and much more.

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Open Your Own Store With No Franchise Restrictions
Customer Testimonials

Financing was the biggest hurdle and without that our dream was dead. This is a big relief standing in our own store now and it feels really good and we couldn't have done it without the finance department at Discount Party Store Developers. — Monkey Business Party and Gifts

I would really recommend that people go with Discount Party Store Developers and get the same results as we did rather than trying to open a party store on their own. — Party Store Owner

Without the Real Estate department it would have cost me thousands of dollars over the course of the lease! They thought of things I never through of and saved us a lot of money! — Party Palooza

The store is unbelievable. 5 days ago it was a "big empty" and now it is full of inventory, color and life. — Party Palooza