1. 5 Tips on How to Plan Your Next Themed Birthday Party

    5 Tips on How to Plan Your Next Themed Birthday Party You get only one day every year to officially celebrate the life of friends and loved ones – so you want to make that one shot count. How do


  1. V.I.P Party Opening, Expected to Breathe Life into the White Oak Shopping Center

    Hyattsville, Maryland entrepreneurs start a business with the help of Discount Party Store Developers. V.I.P Party is a new and fun shop inside White Oak Shopping Center at 11245 New Hampshire Avenue, in Silver Spring, MD. The new store was


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Customer Testimonials

Financing was the biggest hurdle and without that our dream was dead. This is a big relief standing in our own store now and it feels really good and we couldn't have done it without the finance department at Discount Party Store Developers. — Monkey Business Party and Gifts

Without the Real Estate department it would have cost me thousands of dollars over the course of the lease! They thought of things I never through of and saved us a lot of money! — Party Palooza

I would really recommend that people go with Discount Party Store Developers and get the same results as we did rather than trying to open a party store on their own. — Party Store Owner

The store is unbelievable. 5 days ago it was a "big empty" and now it is full of inventory, color and life. — Party Palooza